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A Crochet Christmas Part 4…Miniature Christmas Trees.

Just a quick post about christmas trees, before I settle down to work on my Christmas Cards, hoping to get a few finished this evening, as some will need to be sent out before long, I have friends in far away places!

IMG_1086 1

My third design for my Christmas Cards, are fluffy green Christmas Trees. These are by far the quickest and easiest of the miniatures. My other miniatures probably take about half an hour to make a start to finish, but these don’t even take ten.

I used Patons MoonGlow Acrylic Yarn, which is a great textured yarn.

I would give you a Pattern to make these but  I adapt and change it every time, because the wool I’m using differs in thickenness from one inch to the next. Basically ch 7 to get your base to begin, then sc in to 2nd ch from hook, sc in to each st, turnover, sc into each st, turnover, missing a loop here and there to make the christmas tree the shape you want it.

Sometimes if my triangle is forming a little wonky, i’ll work down a different side. Basically after every row, I check to see how my triangle is forming and adapt. Not much help I suppose but you can do it. Go with the flow, it’s fun.

I then attach a trunk. Again super easy, just a row of ch’s, and a row of single crochets. Make it as long or short as you desire. And its done!

IMG_1080 1

As I said by far the easiest of my designs but fast becoming a favourite. You’ll see it on a Christmas Card very soon.

A bientôt,



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