A One Skein Winter Warmer Set

Yesterday I found a fantastic Wool Shop, that I didn’t know existed in the lovely market town of Hexham, Northumberland. The shop is called Woolaballoo’s and it had some wonderful yarn in. I found some white sparkly yarn and some dark green for my christmas trees, which I have just realised I haven’t posted yet! Will get there eventually just been really busy this last week.


Anyway I got distracted, which seems to happen quite a lot lately by some beautiful yarn called Carnival by Stylecraft the one pictured above is shade 2488 New Orleans if you like it too. I only bought one skein at 100g because I am cautious when it comes to buying new yarn and I figured I could test it out on some boot cuffs which I had wanted to try for a while.






I actually managed to get a pair of boot cuffs, a pair of fingerless mittens and an, albeit small, infinity scarf out of this one skein! I will however be buying a second 100g to bulk up my infinity scarf and maybe even do a hat, then my winter warmer set will really be complete!



I used this fab pattern from Crochet from J as a base. I like patterns that are flexible like this. My Yarn was chunky and I wanted to stretch it has far as I could so I actually used a No 8 hook not a 5.5 which is what J recommends, and because of this I did need as many chains to begin or as many rows for the sizing. I found the Pattern really simple, and relaxing to do and they were done in no time.

I then used this same pattern, adapted slightly for my mittens,  just longer and thinner! I didn’t need a thumb hole as my crocheting was loose enough. I am really delighted with this matching set of cuffs, all I’m missing at the moment is some lovely button to go on them. I don’t have any big buttons lying around so that will have to wait til my next shopping trip!


I had a bit of this wonderful wool left over so decided to use it up doing an infinity scarf, I’ve been hooking these up for a while now and honestly can’t remember where I got the original pattern idea from, I just did this one from memory, if I stumble across the pattern I’ll pop a link in here for you, or if any of you guy’s know where the pattern comes from you could let me know!

So basically thats what I did yesterday, instead of finishing my christmas cards or one of my other WIP’s I created a winter warmer set as a lovely present for myself ( I deserve it!). And it was so quick to work up I’m thinking I could do some matching mittens and cuffs as a present or two. But before I get side tracked on that, I really need to finish my christmas cards! Wish me luck.

A bientôt,




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