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A Crocheted Christmas Part 2… Miniature Christmas Stockings Pattern.

So my last attempt at this years christmas cards, ended with me making some delightful snowflake decorations, as the yarn I used to make my snowflakes was just too thick. I haven’t yet given up on the crocheted snowflake christmas card idea however, I’m simply waiting patiently for some crochet cotton to turn up.

In the mean time I have had another idea…. Christmas Stocking Christmas Cards. I found the idea of my pattern for these little cutie booties here at Le Monde de Sucrette. I changed the pattern quite a bit though,  as I wanted really really tiny stockings. I was not about to get distracted again and end up making more christmas decorations,  although this pattern could totally be adapted for full size stockings if you fancied it. Maybe after my christmas cards are all finished I’ll give it a go!


After a few attempts, as you can see they are slightly different shapes and sizes, I decided on the exact shape for me. I plan to use all the stockings, even if there is a slight variation as that’s always kinda sweet, it makes them all unique.


I don’t know if you can tell from the photo but these are about thumb size, about 3 inches long. I used thin acrylic yarn and a 2mm crochet hook.

Here is my version of the pattern, you need some basic crochet knowledge including how to do a Magic Ring (MR), Slipstitch (ss), Chain (ch) and a Single Crochet (sc) and an Increase (inc). I like to weave in my ends in as I go along I suggest that you do the same!



1.MR, sc 6, join with a ss.   (6) ( just to make sure you are following me, this means do a Magic Ring and do 6 single crochets into the Magic Ring giving you 6 stitches)





2. ch2, sc into same stitch, inc x 5 (12), join with a ss. (  chain 2, single crochet into same stitch, this is the first increase. Then increase five more times i.e do two single crochets in each of the next five stitches. giving you a total of 12 stitches)




3-6 ch2, sc x 11, join with a ss (12)

fasten off colour and add attach white for heel.







7-9. ch2, sc x 5, (6), turn around,







Fold the heel in half and slipstitch up the back and then fasten off and change back to colour. 


10-15. ch2, sc  x 11 (12)

Fasten off change back to white.




16-18 ch2, sc into each stitch,

Fasten off and turn over to make the cuff of the stocking.




19. attach red and ch14 at the back of the stocking, join with a ss into 15th ch. Fasten off.

The ENd!



So there you have the basic Pattern for the really teeny christmas stockings! they probably won’t take you more then 15minutes to do once you get used to the pattern. Here’s a picture of some of mine, you’ll notice they aren’t identical, if you deviate from the pattern by accident just go with it, as it really doesn’t matter!


If you want wider stockings just add more single crochets into that Magic Ring in the first round,  if you want  longer stockings, just add more rounds on when your using your colour.

As you know my christmas stockings are destined for christmas cards, I will do a post showing the finished product when I get it done!, but you could use your stockings for plenty of other things as well, Keyring’s, Dollhouse decorations, Cbristmas tree decorations, even mini gifts.

A post showing this years christmas cards coming soon, I promise!

A bientôt,





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