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A Crocheted Christmas.. Snowflakes.. The Basics.

Ok, so it’s still only mid-november but I’m a make your own Christmas Card kinda girl and this involves planning. Every year I have a theme, last year’s theme was painted christmas tree cards as I had a lovely new set of acrylics and not a lot of time. The year before was Origami Star cards.  I still love doing Origami and do plan to do a post showing how to do some really nice Origami stars when I get the time.

origami xmas cards 2014

Painted xmas cards 2

This year I decided I would make Crocheted Christmas Cards, first idea being crocheted snowflakes. So I grabbed some white wool and found some crocheted snowflake patterns on the web, the first good set being on the Martha Stewart website here’s the link Crocheted Snowflakes 4 patterns. So I followed the four patterns and my snowflakes turned out pretty huge, way to big for a christmas card so I’ve decided to make them into Christmas decorations. and get on with my christmas cards another day!

Snowflake  Patterns 1-4

Although I really like the patterns they were very confusing at first. So I’m going run through the first one for you, with my added instructions because it took me a good few attempts to understand the pattern.

Its actually basic crochet using only chains (ch), slip stitches (ss) and single crochets (sc) – if your american , double crochets (dc) – if your english.  I’m going to use the American terms because I find that clearer for everyone. Obviously the lighter the thread or yarn and the smaller the hook you use, the smaller the snowflake. I used a 2mm crochet hook, with acrylic yarn and they measure between 10cm and 15cm.

Pattern number 1.


ch12, join with a ss to form foundation ring. 

1. ch2, 17 sc into foundation ring, join with ss to 2nd ch.

Forming the centre circle.

2. ch1, *sc into next sc, ch16, skip next 2 sc* repeat 5 more times, join with a ss. 

Forming a 6 pointed star, bear in mind, they won’t look pointy they will look loopy as they haven’t been stiffened, whereas mine in the above photo has.

3. *sc into each of the next 8 ch’s ( going up the point ), ch18, ss into 12th ch from hook, ( basically this means counting back down the chain you have just done until you get to the 12th chain from your hook and slip stitch into that forming a loop. got it?), ch12, ss into 13th ch from hook ( The 13th ch here is actually the loop you started to chain your 12 chains from. I.e count back thirteen chains and you are back exactly where you started from. This forms another loop.), ch12, ss into 13th ch from hook. (same loop as before),  ch6, sc into the next 8ch’s (we are now back to going down the point.), skip the 1st sc of previous row* and repeat 5 times, join with a ss and fasten off.

This is the final round which forms the six long three pointed ends to the snowflake. 

This is the simplest of the four patterns on that site but if you can get the hang of that one the others are easy as they work on the same principle of counting back down the chain. You need to be pretty good at counting chains and not twisting your work but when you get hang of it, its pretty easy crochet.

However my first attempt at Pattern number 2 did not work out quite right. Don’t get me wrong I like my snowflake it’s just not the snowflake it was supposed to be!


My snowflake has 11 points! Its supposed to have only 6! Now I’m pretty sure I followed the Pattern, but I obviously messed up the 4rd round of the pattern and ended up changing the rest of the pattern after that. So here is my version of the pattern, ( if you follow my pattern and end up with a random number of points, just go with it, all snowflakes are unique anyway!)

Pattern number 2b.

ch8, join with a ss to form foundation ring.

1. ch2, 17 sc into foundation ring, join with ss to 2nd ch.

2. ch2, sc in next 2sc, ch2, *sc in next 3sc, ch2* repeat* * 4 more times, join with a ss to 2nd ch.


3. ch2, turn piece over to work the round in the opposite direction, 2sc in hole (made by 2ch on previous round), ch3, *3sc into next hole, ch3* Repeat ** 4 more times, join with a ss.


4. ch2, sc in next 2sc, ch6 ss into 4th ch from hook, ch2 *sc into next 3,  ( This is where I deviated from the pattern.  As I should have missed the next 3 chains from previous round and done a single crochet into each of the next three single crochets from the previous round. But I did a single crochet in each of the next three stitches with no gap.), ch6, ss into 4th ch from hook, ch2* repeat 10 times.join with ss.


5. *ch16, ss into 8th ch from hook, ch8, ss into 9th ch from hook (same loop), ch8, ss into 9th ch from hook (same loop), ch6, ss in next 2sc* repeat 10 times. join with a ss and fasten off.

So Here are two photos one of Pattern 2 snowflake from martha stewarts snowflakes and my snowflake Pattern 2b! Different but beautiful either way.


Here are my versions of Pattern 3 and Pattern 4 (which I must admit is my favourite). You can probably tell from the photos and comparing them to your snowflakes,  that my snowflakes have already been stiffened. Il explain how you do that in the next post!


How to make your simple crochet snowflakes into beautiful christmas decorations coming up next!!

A Bientôt, Bisous!


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