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Christmas Cards… All finished.

I have finally finished this years Christmas cards! Yay for me! GI’m really happy with the result, I think they look cute as a button. They have really put me in the Christmas mood, so much so that I’m busy designing and making my own series of Christmas decorations, to add to the pile of… Continue reading Christmas Cards… All finished.

christmas · crochet

A Jumble of Christmas Miniatures…

My Jumble of Christmas Miniatures grows bigger every evening,  although I have a long way to go!! Luckily it’s still November so I have a little bit of time left!!


I also wanna do some green stockings I think but I don’t have any christmas green yarn. I plan to go on the hunt tomorrow.. I need sparkly yarn too…  and will probably end up buying loads of stuff!!

Struggling on the exact design for the cards, I have plenty of ideas, just need that eureka moment, which usually comes quite easy to me, but feeling ever so indecisive at the moment! I blame my pregnancy hormones!


I  do have the basis of a theme though, as you can kinda see above in my messy work station. Brown paper packaging, gift tags, and my bright red miniatures of course which you can find the links for the patterns to here…

Miniature Christmas Stockings

Miniature Santa Hats

And I also want to add a Dr Seuss quote which I find fits perfectly into my design this year and every year to be honest!

“What if Christmas, he thought…
Doesn’t come from a store.

Maybe Christmas..Perhaps…
Means a little bit more!”

The Grinch

But as for the final design, I’m just not there yet!!!